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About Us

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4 Common Problems We Face As Christians

 We dont feel as close to God as wed like.
We sense a disconnect between our faith and our everyday experience.
Were confused about how to respond to our changing culture.
We dont always feel confident in the face of those who challenge our faith.

The Solution A Deeper Understanding of Our Faith

The problem isnt always our faith. Its often the fact that we dont really understand our faith. We sometimes feel a disconnect between our faith and our experience, for example, because we think our faith says one thing when in reality it says another. The Sunday school-like answers were typically given just arent sufficient to deal with the complexities of real life. If we want to see the connection between our faith and everyday life, we have to push past the Sunday school version of faith that many of us have.

A Major Obstacle Time

The problem is most of us have neither the time nor the incliniation to get a masters degree in theology. If a deeper understanding is the key to a deeper faith, arent most of us out of luck?

How Virtual Clarity Can Help

A little bit of time makes a big difference
We know life is busy. But we believe if youll spend just a little bit of time with us each week, youll gain a better understanding of your faith and that it will make an big difference in your life.
Complex issues made simple, not simplistic
We may not be able to turn you into a thelogian per se, but we can help you gain a solid understanding of theology. Heres how we do it:
We work through one subject at a time: Our posts arent random. We work systematically through a subject to give you time to get a firm handle on it before we move on to the next subject.
We break each subject down into smaller bites you can digest more easily: Theres a lot that could be said on any subject. But we dont throw it at you all at once. We break each subject down into smaller topics. And each article in a series tackles just one of those topics to make the discussion easier to digest.
We show you how each subject is relevant to your daily life: Theology ought to make a difference in our lives. So, as often as we can, we try to turn the discussion back to one or more of the 4 common problems we noted above.